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  • Techworks Fab Lab, Amman, Jordan
  • Introduction to Biomaterials:
  • We are hosting the ‘Introduction to Biomaterials’. A two day workshop introducing you to the principal methodologies of biomaterials: bioplastics, bio-resins, and natural dyes. You will learn how to make and prepare different recipes with a variety of raw materials like gelatin, agar, fruit peels, coffee, and eggshells. You will also learn how to use these materials in the laser cutter and CNC milling machines, and apply them to a personal object or item. Biomaterials are the new trend in fashion. The concept of circular fashion and textile technology are some of the topics that will be covered throughout the workshop and instructed in a dynamic and practical way by the internationally acclaimed instructor: Montserrat Ciges.
  • CIC Fab Lab, Boston, USA
  • Biomaterials Working Group:
  • Fablabs around the world use a lot of plastics, imported wood, and other materials with a substantial carbon footprint for single-use purposes. Even though some of it can be recycled, the process is energy intensive and often requires inputs of new plastic. What if we could make our own consumables that were biodegradable and sourced almost literally from our backyards? Over the next several months, the Biomaterials working group will be sampling, refining and documenting recipes using ingredients local to Boston. We’ll collaborate with other similarly minded groups who are undertaking the same challenge in their corners of the world. Our process will be an experiment in community-based science and will culminate in applying our materials to a public art project next summer. The working group is open to anyone who is interested in pushing forward sustainable materials in a collaborative way!